Wedding present in the sun, Chinese food in Spain...

Our apartment overlooks the beautiful arc de triomf.  It fills with tourists, curious locals and a good few festival goers for this free evening show here on wednesday night. Sun beams down on dave gedge and his fellow players in the wedding present in as unsuitable a fashion as possible. Made for dark nights of the soul, the bands seamonsters album which they play in its entirety here, is Ill suited to the circumstance but is such a great set of songs you can't help but get drawn in.

While it must be great for them to play to such a ludicrously enormous crowd (15,000 plus) sadly much of the audience just booze and 'banter' through the set. Cunts are cunts wherever you go, I suppose. At least the weddoes have one of the greatest drummers alive and a grab bag of very good songs.  The relentless heat and the general levels of obnoxiousness in the crowd drive us back to our veranda for much of the Walkmens set.

People will tell you that you are wrong to say they only have that one song - those people, sir, are damned liars. They don't have another tune fit to clean the shoes of their majestic 'the rat'. In the style of truly lame music 'fans' mark and I sprint over when it begins, sing along and then depart in search of dinner. 

Super classy once more we eat Chinese food while the Walkmen close their set and continue our outdoor feast as black lips plough the ever dull furrow of modern garage rock off in the distance. I couldn't give half a fuck about them any more.  Despite being hassled by work yet again via email, text and finally phone all I'm determined to relax here.

Maybe that'll happen soon, I think to myself as the phone buzzes once more.