some songs, some words about the songs

having ignored this blog for over a year i'm now redoubling my slack efforts to show it some love and post more regularly.

here are some songs i've really enjoyed recently, i hope you like 'em too - let me know.

london 4-piece teleman have already toured with suede, have shows lined up with franz ferdinand and a record in their back pocket produced by bernard butler (you know him, used to be in the tears) so they hardly need me to put them over BUT this is a beautiful little springtime tune that lies somewhere between a tune-bothering eno and a stoned hefner. you can almost smell the cherry blossom...

it's taken from the aforementioned upcoming album and they are playing a fuckton of shows from may onward - go here for the details:

last weekend my band had the pleasure of playing horse party's album launch show at the hunter club in bury st edmunds. horse party were, as usual, outstanding but what struck me most about the night was the brilliant local band keys. with the oldest of their number clocking in at a staggering 17 years old these cheeky fuckers knocked the place dumb with their savage, funk-fuelled take on early fall sounds. this tune came out last year and doesn't quite do them justice - it seems they are getting better all the time - but should whet the appetite for upcoming live shows. which i insist you must attend for reasons of joy and sanity. they're among the bands that have had the most instant impact on me in a live setting in a good few years.

find them on facebook here:

speaking of horse party here's the eerie as tits new viddleo for their tune 'clarion call'

it's another sultry, switchblade sharp release from a band who get some nice "fleetwood mac meets fugazi" comparisons but who to me, at their best, sound like an even filthier afghan whigs with nick mccabe on guitar. plus they are terrible dickheads in real life - i think they think that makes them rock n roll.

their album 'cover your eyes' is available to order on that fucking i-tunes here:

find out about them and their shows here:

chicago's 1970s undergrounders junction have a song on the new amateur D&D-themed psych compilation 'darkscorch canticles' which accompanies an actual rpg named 'cities of darkscorch'. i have next to no idea what's going on here, how insane this all is or how seriously it's meant to be taken - but who cares when you get a simple bit of retro garage-psych like this?

groovy, right?

find out more:

brooklynite josh mease releases under the name 'lapland' and, as you might expect, this track has a twinkling electronica/acoustica feel and a breathy bon iver vocal - but it also has a gorgeous melody to separate it neatly from the rest of the "atmospheric"soundalikes knocking around that part o' the world these days.

the more i listen to it, the more i fall a little bit in love. good times.

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