Slow build?

So of course the idea is to build slow from the front - take it easy in sheer volume of bands, maybe even on sheer volume by hugging the back wall. I wonder if mine and Ian Owen (welsh hero)'s plan will actually play out that way? As he's the only music athlete willing to do all 3 weekends I feel like he and I setting the tone is key - and this begins in about 20 minutes at the park inn, wood green... Man, trying to review this j mascis record on the train on the way was an error... Also I'm dressed completely in black for some reason... It is slayer tonight sure but oh jeez am I slightly warm... And there's my first spotted sonic youth goo t shirt... And it was on an adult. I already won the festival and haven't even gone through the door yet. A further question- why am I listening to Ben kweller and... Why is everyone late?!