three weekends, three countries, three festivals, one idiot

on this fine and bright and inevitably sweaty early summer london afternoon our little adventure begins. it begins with atp's i'll be your mirror at alexandra palace - a truly rubbish venue that's miles away from what i deem to be civilisation (the fox) and really awkward to get to/escape from. on the plus side slayer, mogwai and the afghan whigs, one of the most knock-out stone cold cool, hot and burning bands of all time are playing. also there's the ongoing idea that atp never really drop the ball  tooooooo badly so they'll somehow shape what has the potential to be an endurance test into into a wild and trembling three day party of sound.

when that's done we fly straight out to barcelona to get stuck in to primavera, the spanish sun (same as the other country's sun but lovelier) and the musical delights of wilco, jeff mangum, the cure and My Favourite Band (sometimes) shellac - for perhaps the hundred thousandth time. they still excite me. the festival is my favourite in the world and im banking big hopes, yet again, on this being a life enhancing experience. no pressure, y'all.

from there we're across to porto for optimus primavera to catch suede, japandroids, asap rocky and what have ya... i feel like the rooftop pool we've been promised will come into play pretty strongly as we sweat out a couple of weeks of very very late nights. extremely loud bands and an endless stream of what i believe cunts call 'banter'.

i've decided to update here as much as possible over the next couple of weeks to tell you about some bands, let you know my opinion on the fests (not that it matters of course) and perhaps get a little insight, when it's all said and done into why exactly i do these things... and why i let atp do these things to me (they have a stage at both porto and barcelona too of course).

im not writing any of this for a magazine or a website (mainly cos i dont think any of them were that interested i  what i had to say about it - poor me, ha), it's just for me and you darling. this is legit - no guest list, no freebies, no networking, no coked up industry scum talking loud at the back over the acoustic set just words about music and being A Fan. it'll also be about my friends who are kind enough to come to these things with me - beauties that they are and apologies for invading their privacy. fuck it no-one reads this shit anyway.

also my facebook isnt working on my iphone so.... i figured this would do for keeping in touch?

speak soon


ps listen to sun kil moon.