act 3: some songs, some words about the songs


it's a grey tuesday afternoon, precisely the kind you don't wanna experience in spring in laaahndan fakkin taaaahn. here are the tidbits that have made my day better, hope they do the same for you: 

first try out this sublime, glitchy blend of vocal samples that benjamin mason from sunny pembrokeshire has crafted into a soundscape of skittering, joy-inducing glory on ‘willis williams mcjones edwards’ (pretty welsh sounding, butt):

the whole album, which spins from pastoral experimentation to backwoods folkisms,  is available here:

finnish JAMC obsessives black lizard gaze lovingly at their hi-tops and shake their tambourines on this new track ‘forever gold’ it may be cliched but that sound always feels cool to me.

it’s a precursor to their upcoming tour all info on which is, one would guess, here:

roddy frame is a living legend, songwriting hero, scottish elvis, all of that – and he’s still, many years after his teen glory in aztec camera, an astounding performer, brilliant lyricist and general awesome bastard. This has got one of those choruses you wish you wrote and an album to follow :

how I love the frame-dog. that track is nabbed from his new album ‘seven dials’ out in may – his first since 2006 I reckon.

here's a sweet treat - about a minute into this you’ll see the rather wonderful band BOY experience fame in a foreign land for the first time as the duo play their debut US show in Brooklyn:

lastly a link to a great interview with a massive hero of mine ian mackaye from the legendary indie spiritualist site – get it read, feel better, buy more records on dischord:

you like what you see mister? missus? you want more? lemme know?