act 4: some songs, some words about the songs

a beautiful day here in gangster's paradise and me and the owens and lewie are off to see the mighty michael gira in a church tonight - suitably un-summery.

we'll start today's truffles with one of gira's favourite artists james jackson toth who records under the name wooden wand and has released on the swans' frontman's young god records in the past. something of a mini-legend on the NY anti-folk scene, mr wand has a new record out on the illustrious fire records, may 19th, called 'farmer's corner', here's the glimmering, strangely menacing 'dambuilding'

damn my eyes that's a good song.

visit him:

next, set yourself aside an hour and twenty minutes, take your top off and go fuck-cock mental to this full length recording of fugazi live in 1997...

it's quite intense. i'd pay in blood for a cheeky reunion show or three. but that's NOT WHAT HARDCORE'S ABOUT MIKEY.

isle of wight may not be known for its miraculous musical output but the champion brothers, performing under the name CHAMPS (see?) are all about altering that perception with their atmospheric acoustic haunty-haunty-ghosty-lovely songs like this one, called 'st peters':

that video is smart too eh? nice and cooling. i'm thinking kings of convenience on downers vibes (which excites me) for their debut record 'down like gold' which is out RIGHTFUCKINGNOW

they live here: and they play the lexington on march 31st. if you fancy buying me a fizzy pop i'll be down the front (*at the back, sulking).

just a brief bloggings from me today sorry, i need to get up to whitechapel and get a tan before the show - i'll leave you with the aforementioned michael gira, one of the best around, one of the best ever - here's a little fun-time ditty called 'god damn the sun' which to me sounds like a sinatra standard in an alternate universe :

i quite fancy a cheeky cover of this. probably a terrible idea.

like the songs? let me know. got a song? send it me.