act 5: some songs, some words about the songs

ello monday you caaaahhhhhhnt.

tunes today begin with this entrancing, pounding slab of detroit house inspired hypnotism from bryce hackford.

the face-melting video for 'another fantasy' is right here:

and it reminds me of dan marner's favourite ol' channel 4 show 'the trip'. happy days.

hackford's album 'fair' is out now.

here's the latest in my limited series of cooling (at least the front bit anyway) videos for hot days, this time in the shape of our aussie friend chet faker's melodious, typically addictive newie 'talk is cheap'.

i am sorely tempted to grab a tangerine and peel it in a sexual fashion after that.

faker's undoubtedly smoooooooooth (but home recorded)new record 'built on glass' is out on april 14th and he's playing a bunch of shows to go with that. full album review to come soon.

tony doogan has produced the new EP 'toska' for broken records. this free download track is huge in the way frightened rabbit are huge, anthemic like elbow - but with idlewild's awkward pointy-pointy-ness. in short its touching, sweeping, massive  -all of that. get it in the headphones as loud as possible. see, indie can be alright maaaaaaan

they live here: and the EP is out on april 24th.

last for today is the glimmering wonder of belgian dreampop duo amatorski with the lead track 'hudson' from their upcoming album 'from clay to figures'

its making me want to go to primavera immediately.

hope you are enjoying the blog. tell me your thoughts, send me your songs and enjoy