act 6: some songs, some words about the songs

direct from their incredibly appealing new york-based teendom we have the instantly adorable sunflower bean with their i-phone made video for '2013'. self-aware doesn't begin to cover it but when those 'gazey melodies hit you'll be in bits. unsigned as yet and none of 'em pushing twenty, pretty sure there's a sweet, bright future for these awesome fuckers:

you can download the tune here for free too:

i mean, that's properly good isn't it? love those johnny marr guitar sounds too...

next up we've got a live performance from a band i once absolutely adored and still, like a drunk old ex-lover, have a lot of affection for - particularly when they drop new gear like this:

sad, slow and bittersweet like the best of the hold steady, this tune 'the ambassador' bodes well for the forthcoming album 'teeth dreams' out on march 25th. sounds like they may have some o' that ol' magic back to me...

third today is another live performance, this time from my all-time favourite artist mark kozelek. there's not much to say on this other than - buy the new record 'benji' which is out now, then go see sun kil moon live as soon as is humanly possible. best in the world.

lastly we're back in new york with our future and this grab of the lead tune 'on surface' from their new EP 'perennial construct'.

apparently all of the personnel involved in the record are a part of NY's experimental elite - make of that what you will BUT there's no doubting the menacing, troubling pop contained up there in 'on surface'.

hope you like these.

recommend me some tunes?