act 7: some songs, some words about the songs

it's wednesday, i've a sore throat, i'm drinking some sort of fruit tea and i'm excited about wrestlemania.
how's you?
not really, don't care.

have some tunes though...

here's the new song by the mighty, shouty, bitey, mouthy canadians fucked up - it's called 'paper the house' and is drawn from the forthcoming album 'glass boys' out june 3rd on matador:

they play the uk soon including a gig at london's shitty koko (see you there regardless) and you can talk to 'em here:

that last album of theirs and the shows that went with it were just fucking minty fresh so judging by this tuneful/abrasive beaut we're in for more of the same. solid work.

last year dai lynch released another pretty good album of noir rumblings named 'the big dream'. he's about to drop a remix 12" of same on record store (shop) day and here is moby's take on the title track; haunting, woozy, cool and featuring a wild reinterpretation of lynch's original vocal by mindy jones:

there's more on there from the likes of bastille to get you fuckin' psyched as fuck but hey let's face it it's a record store (shop) day release so no real people are gonna really land a copy are they? enjoy that track while you can.

if you don't know who dai lynch is cock off like, but still:

19-year old south londoner jamie isaac is following in the footsteps of the likes of james blake and breton with his chimerical, sparse but delicious take on sad-soul and this here is the purposely obtuse viddleo for 'she dried' the lead track from the forthcoming 'blue break' ep, out march 24th on house anxiety/marathon:

it's the kind of sleepy, somnambulant stuff that south london seems to be so sweet at...probably all that time chilling in the reggae hut at the windmill. AMIRITE?

right, last on the music front for today is my favourite song of the week by some margin. it's effortlessly touching, poetic, sparse - all the tinglin' things that speak to me. sounding simultaneously ancient and absolutely vital this is the debut song from uk three-piece candles, it's called 'two roses' and it features on an upcoming 12":

that is just something else eh? let's not make those obvious name comparisons, we're better than that ain't we?

well i'll leve you to listen to that over and over again for a few hours.

like what you hear? let me know. something i should hear? tell me.