act 8: some songs, some words about the songs

it's been a few days eh? i know i know, i never write, never call. i got caught up with all sorts of tangled reviews and deadlines and broken speakers and i-pods that won't charge and and and...anyway...songs...

firstly swedish/uk/us 4-piece the franklys with this jarring, buzzing slice of yelping, shimmering, mud-stained pop called 'imaginarium':

that's pretty exciting eh? there's a nice vintage feel to that but it's also got the correct amount of aggression ie too much ie just enough. it's the b-side to their new single 'puppet', out on electric wood on april 7th and they play some london shows soon - let's go.

the very next thing i want to let y'all in on is, with no small amount of hubris, something i helped work on a while back - well, i made the video anyway. point is london's the understudies are a wonderful band, their new album 'let desire guide your hand' is out imminently and this is the video we did for one of the tracks 'erika k' a little while back:

they play an album launch show at the lexington in london this coming sunday, 30th march, let's go to that too.

la sera is the name katy goodman, ex of the wonderful vivian girls, records under these days. what we have here is a free download of an unsurprisingly tuneful, borderline glorious tale of hope and escape and getting away from a dickhead that thunders along like a ben deily era-lemonheads tune:

the follow-up album to 2012's 'see the light' is the forthcoming 'hour of the dawn' out on june 2nd.

there's a show at the hoxton bar and grill on may 23rd as well as a bunch of other uk and euro-shows. LET'S GO TO ALL OF 'EM!

hey - how's about this free new download from swans?

and how about the new afghan whigs single?

i'd really like to be hearing tunes that are coming straight from artists and people who just flatout love a band maybe i've not mentioned or haven't heard of - please let me know about it! feel free to comment here, share this on twitter/fb etc - the more the merrier, right?